Ray discovers his La-Z-Boy recliner is a one-minute time machine. Will he learn from his mistakes or is he destined to repeat them forever?


LAZY BOY started with the idea of a time traveling La-Z-Boy recliner that could only go backwards. A neat gimmick but as a short film I knew it would run out of puff pretty quickly. I really wanted the film to have heart, some emotion to connect with the audience so I concentrated the story on RAY’S transition to parenthood. Using my own experience of fatherhood, and those of my friends going through the same thing, I had fun writing the script playing on the fears and anxieties of this life changing time.

Along with Brett Anstey (Director of Photography) I chose to give the film a classic visual style, smooth moves and wide screen composition. We stayed away from hand-held shots and only moved the camera for a reason, to serve the story.

To keep the costs down I cashed in a lot of favors to crew the film and the script was written for locations I could get for free. I was also blessed to have some fine actors who brought my words to life.

After I finished editing the film I was fortunate to have Luke Dunn Gielmuda sound design the film. Working from Skywalker Ranch he added his final touches to my little Aussie film.

I’m incredibly proud of LAZY BOY and I do hope you like it!